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The Full Story

I’ve come a long way since starting out my investing career, and have managed to combine some of my own concepts with some concepts from the legend ICT. This has allowed me to develop some high probability strategies and when combined with the correct risk management make trading far less stressful.

I hold myself to the highest standards with everything I do. A focused vision, steady investing strategy, and commitment to success allows me to embrace the challenges faced.

I apply new methods of thinking with technological tools and services to create the best trading opportunities for my clients. From start to finish, I always strive to succeed by working together honestly and respectfully. Whilst past results are no guarantee of future performance we are constantly tracking our results to ensure we maintain our market edge.

We provide somewhere for like-minded traders to connect and study similar theories. Once it clicked for me that trading is very much a psychological venture, it became clear the way to succeed. The safest way is to find high probability setups, based off accurate market models and combine this with top class risk management. Doing this allows you to use the power of compound interest to grow your account.

We trade with the smart money and take advantage of the retail mindset. 

Don't get fooled into joining expensive trading groups. Learn to become a consistently profitable trader today by joining our private Discord server and start learning the secrets to success!

We are NOT a signals group, although setup ideas are posted these should not be deemed as financial advice and we always recommend everyone to do their own research before investing in or trading ANY asset. These markets are volatile and can lead to ruin if not treated with respect.

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